The Art of Teaching:

After having taught for so many years, I have come to realize that teaching is truly a "fine art"! Taking someone through the process of learning an instrument, or anything for that matter, requires much patience on the part of both teacher and student. Private instruction has made me a better person, and taught me that any human being is capable of playing to any level, if one has patience, and the desire to achieve. I surely believe that music makes us all better people, and helps to make life, if not a little, a whole lot more fun.


Be sure and let me know if there is any way that I can help you on your "musical journey". Check out the private instruction page for more info on my lessons: instruments I teach, rates, methods, and so on.......



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Welcome to Ken Holbrook Services!


Ken is a professional musician, teacher, recording engineer, and all-around technical geek with over 25 years experience in the music industry.


He has taught over 2000 students, played on hundreds of recordings: demos, cds, television and radio spots, lps and other mediums, and appeared on stage with many respected and world-class musicians.

Check out a concert review of Tim Lake at Georgetown college featuring Ken as a sideman. 


Along with Ken's good friend Allan Wickersham, in conjunction with Dubble Shuffle Studios, Ken Holbrook Services offers Wickerbrook Productions to those wishing to produce quality recordings at a reasonable price. Thanks to our good friend, Mark Simmons, we have the facilities to take audio to that elusive next level.


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Various Pictures from Ken's Career


 Instrument Audio Demos


  • The following links will take you

    to audio demos of Ken. These are compilation recordings that demonstrate his proficiency on various instruments.


    1. Guitar Demo. This demo has him playing Acoustic, electric,and

    slide guitar of different types.


    2. Fiddle Demo. This track shows

    a few different styles of fiddling, that he has played over the years.


    3. Piano Demo. Ken's demonstration of his of his ability

    at piano and keyboards.


    4. Master Demo. This is also the recording that appears on his myspace page. It includes all of the above, plus him playing mandolins, banjo, dobro, bass, viola, and vocals; the whole nine yards!



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"Heart of the Hills" A film by Mike White. Ken played Mandolin on the intro, accompanying Dr Tim Lake.





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